How to Write Compare and Contrast Essay

Today when students are assigned to write any paper, most of them googling, "Who can write my homework for me?" and pay money for their essays. Some diligent students try to create their unique papers. To write an excellent compare and contrast essay, you should start with revealing of two objects that have enough of similar features and distinctions. Then you need to find at least two or three points by which they can be compared using research and facts, and structure your work logically to impress and drag your readers' attention. Writing an essay is an important skill that will come in handy during your study or even your career. Keep on reading to learn how to write compare and contrast essay.

Prepare Your Essay's Content

Be ready to analyze the question carefully. Perhaps, some great ideas have already come to your mind, but if they don't match the topic, you can lose a few points. Read the task text, leading questions, and underline key phrases. Make a list of similarities and differences between the objects to be compared. If you find it too complicated, you can ask somebody to help with assignments. For example, your friend can add some ideas. By studying how objects differ from each other, you can make a more in-depth comparison and bring it up to the audience easily. Estimate your list to find the right arguments, read it carefully, and try to identify a particular topic or scheme. Don't forget to prepare a thesis statement. Each essay should have a clear and intelligible thesis statement. Even if you haven't chosen the basis of the comparison yourself, but received such a task, you should write with one sentence why you are making the comparison.

Content Management of Your Essay

Write a compare and contrast essay outline to see how your essay will sound. The key points can be written on leaflets or stickers (or typed on your computer, printed and cut out) and then changed in different places until you decide on the order of presentation. Describe each aspect in a separate paragraph. This means that in each paragraph, you will write about both objects by comparing them according to a specific feature. In the first paragraph, you will compare them by one aspect, in the second paragraph by the second one, and so on, each time arranging the objects in the same sequence. The advantage of this structure is that it allows us to discuss different sides of the objects in detail, and the description changing of one object to another if they are different, will not be so drastic. Do you think it's impossible to write an essay by yourself? Just try to do it! If you don't cope with it, you can order essay online at any time.

The Writing Process

Write an essay in no particular order. As a rule, writing an essay strictly from beginning to end is more complicated than writing in no particular order. When you write an essay up to the end, you may want to review what you have written at the beginning. So, you can write in a different order, but you should always write a thesis at the beginning. Check what you have written. If this essay is not an urgent thing, you'd better postpone the process for a day. Go out with your friends to get a bite, get distracted to more pleasant thoughts, and forget about the essay of compare and contrast format till tomorrow. When you give a fresh look at your paper, remember that there are two most important things - to identify mistakes and correct them. Proofread your essay in two rounds. During the first reading, find the flaws in your work and fix them during the second reading. Thus, you will be sure that you have checked everything, and it will make the process faster and more efficient. If you have a chance, ask your friend to read your essay, he might notice the mistakes you hadn't seen before.